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Simple And Comfortable Style

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Simple And Comfortable Style

Normcore is preferred and selected by more and more women. Fashion bloggers, street stars and other fashion icons are all scrambling to have a try on it. Why are women so fascinated with Normcore? Normcore, in fact, is a portmanteau of the words "normal" and "hardcore". It was firstly put forward by K-Hole Company in 2013 and later high-end brand designer such as Jil Sander and Philo Phoebe make it swept the whole fashion world. So what is the Normcore? Initially it is referred to an attitude, not a particular code of dress, finding liberation in being nothing special. Now, for fashion world, it is a neutralized, simple, comfortable and monochrome dressing style; for ladies, it means simple but special dressing. Furthermore, Normcore is a way to enter the high-quality life. However, people mistakenly think that the Normcore is asceticism. That’s totally wrong. The Normcore encourages us to get rid of the meaningless desire and pursue a better life.

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Normcore is not crude but a combination of beauty and function. People have no idea about what they really need in such enticing world. The Normcore will give us a helping hand and figure out what we really want. It shows us a life attitude towards peaceful and natural life. Calm down your mind and make you more sensitive. So do the Normcore clothes. What’s the essence of Normcore clothes? The essence of Normcore clothes is clothes with good texture and simple design. Clothes made of linen fabric must be one of the best representatives of Normance. The linen fabric which is made from flax plant is a valuable but affordable material for clothing. It is absorbent and keeps you cool and fresh even though in the hot summer days.
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A clean and neat white tee is telling the story of Normcore. There’re three colors often seen in Normcore, white, black and grey respectively. The flattering white color makes the tee clean and neat. The simple and clean line design emphasizes your beauty of elegance. Boat collar design enables women to show off their exquisite collarbone and balance the proportion of neck and shoulders. Two slits at either side of the hem is not only for convenient movement but also for the beauty of smartness and pizzazz. Long sleeve design can camouflage the flabby arms. apir of black trousers will be a finishing touch to create Normcore look.

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